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Accommodation Assessments for College and University Students

Psychoeducational Accommodation Assessments for College and University Students

A deep understanding of learning disabilities and behavioural disorders is what we can offer to our adult patients attending or getting ready to attend College or University.

Accommodation Assessments for college and university students are tailored to each individual student to recommend accommodations and/or modifications necessary to succeed at the post-secondary level of education. Our clinicians will identify university or college-based accommodations that are appropriate once they have ruled out, or diagnosed ADHD, learning disabilities in reading, writing or math, autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, or ruled out or diagnosed anxiety and depressive disorders.

Our clinicians strive to assist through comprehensive Accommodation Assessments to make quality recommendations for accommodations or modifications in post-secondary school. Through our clinical team’s years of combined experience, we have identified some of the most common concerns that would lead adult students to seek an accommodation assessment.

  • Inability to understand others or express what they want
  • Struggle with only certain subjects in school or attentiveness to certain tasks
  • Difficulties processing written material or having to re-read things multiple times for understanding
  • Difficulties with studying for tests or exams
  • Inability to focus, self-recognized or identified by others
  • Struggles with socializing
  • Feelings of sadness or heightened worry about things
  • Difficulty with change and/or transitions

Common Concerns for Autism in Adults

Socio-Communication and/or Restricted Interests

  • Inability to make or keep eye contact
  • Difficulty with directing appropriate facial expressions
  • Difficulty developing friendships or keeping friends
  • Difficulty describing or understanding emotions
  • Difficulty understanding non-verbal cues in social situations
  • A feeling of inner tension at having to “fit in” socially

Repetitive Behaviours

  • Intense interest in a certain topic (i.e. Model airplane, coin collections)
  • Sensory aversions such as not liking loud noises or large crowds
  • Sensory seeking such as staring for extended periods of time
  • Rigid completion of tasks such as needing to finish reading an entire book before moving on to other things, or having special spots for objects to be placed in a room

Inquire About an Assessment

Psychological services are not covered by provincial insurance, but may be covered in part or entirely by private insurance coverage or bursaries.

Edcommodate Average Fees:

Psychoeducational Assessments
$3100.00 (Child/Adolescent/Adult)

Developmental Psychoeducational Assessments
$3300.00 (PreSchool)

Psychoeducational with Autism Diagnostic Assessments
$4100.00 (Child/Adolescent)
$4500.00 (PreSchool/Adult)

Adult ADHD Virtual Diagnostic Assessments
$1550.00 (Adult)

Giftedness Assessments
$1400.00 (Child/Adolescent)

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