No Waitlist psychoeducational assessments in Cambridge

High Quality and Timely Assessments

Developmental (Ages 3-6) | Psychoeducational (Ages 7-50) | Giftedness (Ages 3-17)
| Autism Diagnostic (Ages 3-50) | Adult ADHD Diagnostic (Ages 18-50)

Cambridge – London – Hamilton – Mississauga – Sarnia (Coming Soon)

Why Edcommodate?

Edcommodate specializes in providing psychoeducational assessments that assist with the diagnosis, or ruling out of, Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism (ASD), delays in thinking or other behavioural conditions.

Our highly qualified clinicians currently serve the Cambridge, Hamilton, London and Mississauga regions. We are able to schedule assessments on request, with minimal wait times, facilitating efficient completion of the entire assessment process. Our primary objective is to provide timely psychoeducational reporting that will assist patients of all ages with recommendations for accommodations and/or modifications for schooling, entrance exams, the workplace, and homelife.

Inquire About an Assessment

Psychological services are not covered by provincial insurance, but may be covered in part or entirely by private insurance coverage or bursaries.

Edcommodate Average Fees:

Psychoeducational Assessments
$3100.00 (Child/Adolescent/Adult)

Developmental Psychoeducational Assessments
$3300.00 (PreSchool)

Psychoeducational with Autism Diagnostic Assessments
$4100.00 (Child/Adolescent)
$4500.00 (PreSchool/Adult)

Adult ADHD Virtual Diagnostic Assessments
$1550.00 (Adult)

Giftedness Assessments
$1400.00 (Child/Adolescent)

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