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Autism (ASD) Assessment for all ages


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a condition that impacts the way someone’s brain develops from early on specifically impacting social functioning and communication.  ASD is a lifelong condition, and many people are only identified in adulthood.

An ASD assessment through Edcommodate is a comprehensive evaluation that aims to delineate the presence of an ASD but also to identify functional impairment in other domains such as intellectual functioning, adaptive functioning, academic functioning (where appropriate), language (where appropriate), memory, attention and social-emotional functioning.  Assessments also include the use of gold-standard screening measures for ASD as well as diagnostic measures that are geared toward the client or the primary caregiver (e.g., ADOS-2, ADIR, MIGDAS).  An effort is also made to rule in or out several common co-occurring conditions in individuals with ASD including ADHD, intellectual disability, learning disorder, or mood or anxiety disorders.  Our aim is to produce a final psychological report that is sufficient enough in breadth and depth so as to guide the client and primary caregiver along the path of recovery, remediation, and accommodation.  Specific recommendations for school-based programming (where appropriate) are provided along with community-based support and recommendations for in-home programming. 

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Psychological services are not covered by provincial insurance, but may be covered in part or entirely by private insurance coverage or bursaries.

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