No Waitlist psychoeducational assessments in Cambridge

Blake Psychological – Edmonton, AB

Edcommodate is thrilled to announce our partnership with Blake Psychological to bring you exceptional Psychoeducational and Autism (ASD) Diagnostic assessments in Edmonton, Alberta. With Blake Psychological’s extensive experience in assessment and counseling services for local organizations and school boards, they are the perfect collaborative partner for Edcommodate. Additionally, Edcommodate has a proven track record of delivering high-quality assessments and personalized reports designed to support patients of all ages.

Edcommodate’s primary objective is not only to diagnose or rule out Learning Disabilities and behavioural disorders, but also to tailor recommendations for accommodation and/or modification to each individual’s needs, whether it pertains to an educational setting or the workplace. We take immense pride in offering unparalleled services in Edmonton, and Edcommodate in partnership with Blake Psychological is eager to support you or your child’s journey.

The Blake Psychological Team Members:

Jessica Blake

Registered Psychologist

Taylor Tymchyshyn

Registered Psychologist

Kassie Magyar

Registered Provisional Psychologist under the supervision of Jessica Blake

Andrea Maries