No Waitlist psychoeducational assessments in Cambridge

This bursary is disbursed under the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) and the Ontario Special Bursary Program (OSBP). If currently registered university or college students are OSAP eligible, they can access this bursary to pay for their assessment. The student general requires an updated or new Psychoeducational assessment with in 3 years of the date of starting University.

Students do not have to be receiving OSAP to apply for this bursary and only need to demonstrate financial need for $1 of OSAP to access the BSWD. OSAP only cover students whose home province is Ontario, however, students from other provinces can access the BSWD, if they qualify for the student loan program in their home province.

The BSWD is not a loan and does not need to be repaid. However, it is considered taxable income.

In order to access the BSWD to pay for their assessments, students MUST complete an application and qualify to OSAP. Students MUST apply by January 30th each year to be eligible for the current academic year.

Visit the OSAP Website by clicking here.

Once the accommodation assessment is completed and a report is sent to Disability Services, students must register with Disability Services and bring their invoice with their proof of OSAP eligibility to arrange for the transfer of funds.

Information about the BSWD from the Ontario Governments website.