No Waitlist psychoeducational assessments in Cambridge

A psychoeducational evaluation through Edcommodate may be required for your child/adolescent in some of the following circumstances:





  • The teacher of your child/adolescent has expressed concern about his/her inability to read, write or do mathematics at grade level.
  • The teacher or other educator has expressed concern about your child’s ability to learn, retain or process information that is interfering with academic engagement.
  • Despite introducing concepts to your child repeatedly you have noticed that the information does not “stick”.
  • When you listen to your child/adolescent read he/she seems to have trouble putting individual sounds together to make words.
  • Your child seems to require considerable help on writing tasks because he/she cannot seem to organize the information he/she wants to write.
  • His/her writing is very sloppy and difficult to read.
  • You or reachers have noticed that your child is having substantial difficulty focusing or paying attention well enough to learn in school.