No Waitlist psychoeducational assessments in Cambridge

Some of the following situations may indicate the need for an evaluation in adults in College or University or in employment settings:





  • The student has noticed that he/she is having difficulty coping with the academic demands in his/her College or University program.
  • The student is experiencing difficulty keeping up with the reading, writing, or mathematical demands of his/her academic program.
  • There has been an identified learning disability but the last evaluation was in excess of three years prior to program enrollment.
  • The client has noticed reading, writing or mathematical demands that are interfering with managing employment demands.
  • The client has consistently avoided or turned down certain positions or promotions at work due to self-perceived weaknesses in reading, writing or mathematics.
  • There are prior established learning conditions that are interfering with taking and/or completing standardized testing required for a profession or designation, for which accommodations and/or modifications may be required.