No Waitlist psychoeducational assessments in Cambridge

A specific learning disability is diagnosed when an individual with broadly average range intellectual functioning experiences significant difficulty in reading, writing or mathematics. The difficulty that is experienced in the specific academic area is attributable to an underlying weakness with a specific cognitive process such as remembering visual or verbal information, language, visual-spatial skills, or processing speed.

In contrast to a learning disability, a neurobehavioural condition primarily impacts an individual’s ability to behave in an age appropriate manner with respect to emotional regulation, social skills, or impulsivity for example. Because learning disabilities and neurobehavioural conditions both impact brain development, often an individual can experience a learning disability as well as a neurobehavioural condition.

A comprehensive psychoeducational assessment at Edcommodate will identify any learning conditions but will also be able to rule in or out the most common neurobehavioural conditions including ADHD, Developmental Coordination Disorder, or Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs).