Edcommodate Opens for Psychoeducational Assessments in London, Ontario

Kimberly Maich, Psychologist has begun Conducting Psychoeducational /Accommodation Assessments ages 18 - 50 years old in London, Ontario in September of 2022.

Kimbery Maich, conducts psychoeducational assessments, accommodation assessments and gifted assessments, in London for adults 18+. She has conducted many psychoeducational assessments for private clients, students in colleges and universities, and working professionals.

Kimberly Maich and her family have lived, studied, and worked all over Canada from British Columbia to Newfoundland & Labrador before finally settling in Logy Bay, NL, in the woods just outside of the capital city of St. John’s. Kimberly Maich assesses children, adolescents, and adults, typically in the area of neurodevelopmental issues, and primarily related to learning disabilities and autism. She began contributing to psychoeducational assessments within the school system in 1998 when her partner’s education and career took them from her native Guelph, ON to Vancouver, BC and then to St. Anthony, NL—the northern tip of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Since that time, Kimberly has been a resource teacher, guidance counsellor, and vice-principal in the school system, a clinical coordinator in the health care system, and a professor in the post-secondary system. As well as owning her own private practice, she is currently a full, tenured professor in the Faculty of Education at Memorial University, researching, teaching, and providing community service primarily in the field of autism. Her recent books include ASD in the Canadian Context, Reframing Mental Health in schools: Using Case Stories to Promote Global Dialogue, and Leadership for Inclusive Schools: Cases from Principals for Supporting Students with Special Educational Needs. Kimberly is also a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst (Doctoral), an Ontario Certified Teacher, and a special education specialist, using these experiences to inform her assessment work. In addition to her undergraduate degrees in psychology, education, and inclusive education, Kimberly’s assessment work is also impacted by her graduate degrees: MEd (Exceptionalities) from Memorial University, MADS (ABA) from Brock University, MEd (Counselling Psychology) from Memorial University, and PhD (Cognition & Learning) from Brock University. Edcommodate's Clinical Director of Psychological services, Dr. Nikhil Koushik states: “I am so pleased to welcome Kimberly to the Edcommodate team.. I look forward to assisting Edcommodate's team of clinicians as we expand into new regions, and serve the community of London, Ontario. Our team at Edcommodate will be able to assist many individuals to rule out or diagnose ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Learning Difficulties such as Dyslexia and/or delays in thinking.”

The Edcommodate team will begin conducting psychoeducational assessments for students in secondary school, and Accommodation assessments for adults in College, University, and trades school as well as working professionals aged 18 – 50 years old in London, Ontario starting in September of 2022.


To find out more information about the services Edcommodate offers, in Ontario, Alberta and Newfoundland please visit

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