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Join Edcommodate!


We are a multi-disciplinary team of professionals interested in providing high-quality
psychoeducational evaluations to children and adults throughout Canada. We are looking for psychologists across Canada to join our team. At Edcommodate we believe that every child or adult is entitled to a
timely and quality evaluation that will identify areas of strength and weakness that can
be used as a template for implementation of timely services. We pride ourselves in
quality and efficiency and are currently seeking psychologists with an interest in
assessment to join our team!

Image by Dylan Carr

Psychologists at Edcommodate are independent practitioners who provide assessment
services to clients. Joining the team comes with many potential perks as follows:
 The potential for supervision or consultation
 Access to practice management software
 Administrative help for scheduling and document collection
 Report writing assistance for the clinical interview and document review sections of
the report
 Access to a clinical social worker for intervention services after the assessment
 A chance to collaborate on creating additional services
 Access to peer mentorship and consultation
 Clinical space for test materials and kits
 Access to online scoring programs
 Competitive remuneration
You may be the right person for the job if:
 You are a psychological associate or psychologist licensed with the College of
Psychologists currently in good standing.
 You have training and experience providing psychoeducational assessment.
 You have training and experience in providing autism assessments.
 You are open to peer mentorship and feedback on your reports.
 You are licensed with children, adolescents and preferably also adults in the areas of
clinical or school psychology.
 Supervision may be available for candidates pursuing registration in clinical
psychology who have a specific interest in psychoeducational assessments.
If you are interested in gaining more information about this exciting opportunity,
please email your resume to