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While learning disorders are the primary focus of a psychoeducational assessment, there are certain circumstances where the Edcommodate clinicians will detect a potential behavioural component either in addition to a potential learning disorder, or without the existence of a learning disorder.  Social and emotional difficulties such as anxiety and depression and other clinical issues such as ADHD, or Intellectual Disability may potentially be identified through the Psychoeducational Assessment testing battery.  Where Edcommodate clinicians identify potential Autism either through screening questionnaires, or through the course of the evaluation, clients will be made aware of the need for further testing to exclude this as a possibility.   

In certain circumstance at Edcommodate a multidisciplinary approach can be offered. This includes the psychiatrist and psychologist consulting one another, as well as an assessment with the Psychiatrist of the patient, a written report including diagnosis management, recommendation for symptom management and medications. The Psychiatry consultation report is sent to the treating General Practitioner or Pediatrician for ongoing management and implementation as agreed with the patient and/or guardians of the patient.

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