No Waitlist psychoeducational assessments in Cambridge

Dr. Courtney Dookie is registered in Clinical Psychology with the College of Alberta Psychologists

The Edcommodate team is pleased to welcome Dr. Courtney Dookie as part of our multidisciplinary team of clinicians in Calgary, Alberta.

Dr. Dookie is a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists and is an Interim Autonomous Member with the college of psychologists in Ontario. He is a member of the psychological association of Alberta and the national association of neuropsychology. Dr. Dookie has a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, with an emphasis in developmental trauma. His area of competency is in clinical psychology. He has been providing individuals and couples therapy since 2012. He specializes in Psychoeducational Assessments and Accommodation Assessments, as well as developmental trauma and addictions, couples therapy, and mental health therapy for PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

Dr. Dookie conducting assessments for individuals struggling with learning disabilities, intellectual challenges, and ADHD. He assists individuals to uncover their specific intellectual, academic, behavioural, and social/emotional strengths and provides tailored recommendations for optimal functioning.

Dr. Dookie is passionate about helping children and adults get the support they need to live a happy and a healthy life. Dr. Dookie is excited to be a part of the Edcommodate team to bring the highest quality of psychoeducational assessments to individuals 12-50-years of age in Calgary, Alberta. With the support of the Edcommodate team, Dr. Dookie will be able to assist many individuals to rule out or diagnose ADHD, learning Disabilities, as well as delays in thinking.

The Edcommodate team will begin conducting Psychoeducational Assessments for students 12 – 17 years old in elementary and secondary school, and Accommodation Assessments for adults in College, University, and trades school as well as working professionals aged 18 – 50 years old in Calgary, Alberta in September of 2022.

To find out more about Dr. Courtney Dookie, or the services Edcommodate offers, in Alberta, Ontario and Newfoundland please visit or call 226-749-4685