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Return to School with assistance from Edcommodate

Edcommodate is pleased to begin offering behavioural therapy sessions in person or virtually, that will focus on students and/or parents who may be feeling anxious, or dealing with stressors regarding a return to school in person in September 2021. At Edcommodate we have an incredible team that wants to support your children’s stress and/or anxiety as they return to school. Our team can provide evidence-based strategies and coping mechanisms in an attempt to relieve the stressors caused by Covid 19 for students. Our extremely skilled and professional social workers can also focus on parent concerns and provide coping strategies to use with children at home. These sessions can also be offered on a continuance once school starts again in September for those students who may not be transitioning well.

Our Team is here to assist with any stress and/or anxiety your child may have as they get ready to return to school.

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